Membership Packages

Individual Membership

Membership of Glasgow Golf Club is open to gentlemen who have been proposed and seconded by existing Ordinary, Life, Life Non Playing or Veteran Members of the Club. In addition an application requires to be supported by a further six Ordinary, Life, Life Non Playing or Veteran Members.

On acceptance of an application for Ordinary Membership the applicant is admitted to Gailes Links as a Gailes One Member. He will have full playing rights at Glasgow Gailes but will not have any voting rights.

Simultaneously, he will be placed on the waiting list for admission to Killermont in addition to Gailes Links. On reaching the top of that waiting list he will become an Ordinary Member with full playing rights over both courses and also voting rights.

There is a separate category of Membership – Gailes Two – for applicants who solely wish to be a Member at Gailes Links and who do not wish to become a Member at Killermont. As with Gailes One Members, Gailes Two Members have full playing rights at Gailes Links but no voting rights.

If you are new to the area and do not know any current members of the Club, please advise the General Manager who shall arrange an introductory meeting with members of the Club Council who will be pleased to assist in finding a proposer, seconder and the requisite number of supporters.


Overseas Membership

Glasgow Golf Club also welcomes Overseas Members. Overseas Membership is open to gentlemen who are members of a Golf Club recognised by Glasgow Golf Club and who are not resident in the United Kingdom for more than 100 days in any calendar year. Overseas Members have full playing rights at both courses but no voting rights.