Seniors Match at Blairgowrie

The result of the Senior’s match was Blairgowrie 4.5 points to Glasgow 3.5 points, which resulted in a Draw (over the two legs) .

Glasgow retained the Quaich, as the previous holders.

Photo One: Glasgow Team
Left to Right: Ken Chrystie, Jim Roulston, David McNair, David Newton, Scott Hill (Capt), Ken McKenzie, Willie Spowart, David Allison, Iain Orr, Paul Crilley, David Parker, Alistair Ronald, Douglas Naismith, Brian McKeown, Hugh Elder.

Photo Two: Brian Wesencraft (Seniors Captain Blairgowrie) and Scott Hill (Seniors Captain Glasgow) sharing the trophy.

Photo Three: Paul Crilley and Willie Spowart looking dapper after a most enjoyable day.