With yesterday’s announcement by the First Minister regarding some relaxation of the restrictions, it would appear that 4 balls may soon once again be allowed. At this stage it is not entirely clear whether the “4 from 2 households” rule will apply or whether it can be from individual households under the “up to 15 adults” rule. The FM will give final clarification on Friday but in anticipation we want to let all members know what is planned.

At Killermont:

The plan will be to revert to a single 18 hole course from Monday.

From tomorrow (Thursday 11th March) on Club V1 there will be an 18 hole Killermont course which will accept bookings of up to 4 players from Monday 15th March onwards.

The existing 9 hole courses will also remain in operation until close of play on Sunday to accommodate bookings already made. It will be possible to edit these sheets from Friday and add up to two additional players, once final clarification has been given by FM.

At Gailes:

The BRS booking system will accept 4 balls from Saturday, again dependent on the announcement to be made on Friday by FM.