Killermont House Reinstatement Proposals Members Document

Killermont House Reinstatement Proposals Members Document


We have been developing plans for the reinstatement of Killermont House based on the design brief provided to our Architect following the member survey and following subsequent meetings and feedback from both Council and experts from within the Members Advisory Board (MAB). Proposals also reflect the limitations being imposed on us by Historic Environmental Scotland for our Category B listed building. At this stage we would like to share our proposals with members and invite comment and feedback.

To this end we have arranged for our Architect and Project Manager to present their proposals to members on Monday 3rd June in the Marquee at Killermont. The plan is to run 2 sessions – one at 4pm and the other at 6pm. Attached is a document showing some of the proposed plans. Further information will be made available on the club website. In addition we will be placing presentation boards in the Marquee next week and hope to display the full set of documents on one of the TV screens in the Marquee. Comment cards will be available to allow members to provide feedback ahead of the presentation on 3rd June.

When considering the plans please note that the final use of the social spaces within the clubhouse can be agreed at a later date. The design is intended to afford us maximum flexibility within the space we have. A an example, on the uppermost floor, although the plans show 3 interlinked function areas, it is up to the club to decide at a future date how these would be used. For instance, the space can be opened up for a shotgun lunch but then divided in the evening to provide a more intimate atmosphere for dining or as a bar.

The Project Manager and Architect are advising that we submit a planning application as soon as possible to support works to reinstate the roof at Killermont House and progress the full reinstatement. Their view is that approvals will take some time so are keen to move as quickly as possible, even if design changes are required at a later stage.

Before we make any applications we need the support of the members which is why we are arranging these presentations and are providing information in advance for members to consider.


David Sifton
Immediate Past Captain
24th May 2019